I trained to be an accent neutralization coach in the year 2004. My scope of work involved evaluating BPO employees for their English accents, identifying and isolating regional sounds in words they spoke and introducing neutral sounds to make their English sound global and standard. After all, these employees were holding conversations with customers from Europe and the US and they had to be speak in standard global English if not like them.

However, it did not take very long before I realized that in the community of employees I was dealing with, the need for training was not in neutralizing accents but largely in language enhancement and English skills. From the experience I gained from my 3 year training stint as a neutralization coach, I began customizing content for my language enhancement programs to improve the way we used English in the way we wrote or spoke it. I worked with a cross section of software engineers in Chennai and Bangalore, in India. My programs have simplified concepts that are easy to use back in the way you use English to communicate.  I truly believe that by making a few changes and correcting common errors we make in English, we can become better with our English skills.



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