Content Strategy – Write with an objective

What is the objective?

What is your objective?

There is a lot of content being written all over the web. When does a piece of content deliver what it was intended to? It does when  it is written with an objective.

When you write content about products  or services you have used, then the objective is  to be informative.  If you manufacture the product or are the provider of services, it is important not just to be informative but also consultative or authoritative to be able to influence your reader into trying out your product or service. What could be the objective of a piece of content that you write in your personal blog? It could be to share experiences or views or showcase  talent or expertise. 

Irrespective of how you want to approach your writing, you have to have an objective in mind. It is worth pausing here to note that readers have objectives too; in particular, the desire to gain something of value in return for their investment of time spent (in reading).

If you are a content writer, ask yourself these questions before you publish your article or story. What is the objective of the content? What is the goal intended to be attained?  What is the purpose, the benefit or the reason you wrote that piece of content?  It could be to give easy access to your readers,of facts and information about a product or service that you have used, it could be with an aim of convincing your reader about something  that you want to sell, or to make your reader reflect on an experience that you have had or entertain the reader with a humorous post on your blog.

My first blog was a record of all observations and conversations I had with my  toddler. The objective? I wanted it to be a record of her childhood memories. The objective of this blog post is to help you become a better listener, speaker and consumer of content! I write content on various blogs. Every piece of content I write has an objective.

For more tips on content strategy, stay tuned!


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