How well do you listen?


Communication skill is not about how well you speak.  What is the point of speaking well, If there is no one listening to you?

That brings us to this question – Are you a good listener?

When I conduct my training programs, I get people to read aloud a few stanzas from a book of their choice. When they are done reading, I ask them to summarize what they just read. Guess what happens nine times out of ten? The person who reads aloud is never able to summarize what he/ she just read!  What was just read aloud, was never listened to, not even by the same person who read it aloud. ( It is a different story how they ask me time to read it all over again in their minds before they can paraphrase!)

What does that tell you about our listening skills? When we do not listen to ourselves, do you think we listen to others any better?

Here are three good reasons why you should listen to yourselves speak:

1) It helps you ‘catch’  the errors you make as you speak

2) It helps you speak without repeating yourself. Often times we repeat ideas, phrases and words without even realizing it.

3) It helps you perfect your listening skills when you have to listen to others!

By being better listeners, we become better communicators. How good are you at listening?


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