Do you read?


Make reading a habit!

Reading books in English is a time tested trick if your goal is to get better with your English skills. The one habit we all have to get better at is the habit of reading. With the advent of e books and blogs, people have easier access to reading material in the subjects of their choice.  If someone speaks or writes better than you do, you can bet your last rupee that he is a reader.

In this blog post, I have highlighted five challenges that you have to acknowledge when you begin to use reading as a skill development tool for English speaking and writing skills.

a) Pick a book that will not intimidate you by its sheer size. Just the sight of a 600 page book might discourage you from reading. If you are reading fiction, start with a collection of short stories. You will experience a sense of achievement every time you finish a story.

b) Set achievable goals. If you tell yourself that you will read an entire chapter every time you sit to read, you will soon get discouraged. Read a few paragraphs, a few pages, and maybe a chapter at every sitting. Personally, I set a 50 page reading goal at every sitting.

c) Pick a book in a subject that interests you. It does not have to be a best seller. It could be on history or warfare. It could be about health and fitness, share markets, technology, or philosophy. Choose a subject that will draw you back to reading everyday.

d) When you come across a word that you do not understand, make a note of it and watch out for its usage at other contexts. You will begin to understand the meaning of the word.

e) Talk about your book. Tell your friends what you are reading. Paraphrase in your own words what the book is about.

And finally, research has proven that it takes 21 days to form a habit. To make reading your habit, stay focused for 21 days. On day 22 you will miss your book !


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