The two skills of writing





Writing well calls for two different sets of skills- Creating and Criticizing.

Creating involves actually writing the piece for the forum, blog or web. This is a skill you possess to express your ideas using words.

Criticizing is the act of picking your own writing apart, so that you express the meaning of what you want to convey in the best possible way. This is a skill that involves reviewing your work and examining critically how clearly and powerfully you have been able to express your ideas. This involves editing, proof reading and revising where necessary.

As a rule, never stop to criticize when you create. When you create without criticizing, your thought flow is unhindered and you express your thoughts and ideas well.

Once done, you can identify the excessively long sentences, ‘fluff ‘ ( more about ‘fluff’ in the next post), grammar errors, sentences in passive voice, sentence fragments, punctuation errors, rambling sentences and correct them where required.

Don’t let one skill interfere with the other.


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