Rate of Speech

Rate of SpeechIndians speak at a very high rate of speech (ROS). The speed at which we speak our regional languages influences the way we speak in English. We transfer the same rate of speech to English. The standard accepted rate of speech is about 80 to 100 words per minute- which may seem a lot unless compared with an average Indian speaking English that could range anywhere from 180 to 250 words per minute! A fast ROS interferes with the  listeners capacity. Many of us who are aware of the fact that we speak fast, make a conscious effort to slow down by pausing unnecessarily between words and sentences. This makes us sound non fluent and unsure of what we say.

The idea is to pause at relevant places and at consistent pace. To be able to do that, we should learn to breathe properly.

When your breathing pattern is inadequate or when you speak on residual air, you tend to sound breathless and speak with effort. You will rush through what you have to say. This results in faster ROS. So by correcting your breathing pattern, you not only correct your rate of speech but also the quality of your voice in terms of volume and pitch.

Speak only when you have taken in a lung full of breath and pause naturally between parts of sentences to take in more air before you continue.


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