The SODA quotient

SODA QuotientThe most common error that we tend to make as non native speakers of English are errors in sounds. Most of our vowels are clipped sounds – I know I said that in an earlier post, however, I am justified repeating it here because sound errors are the most commonly made errors and are the most difficult to correct. In consonants we make four kinds of errors – Substitutions, Omissions, Distortions and Additions. There! Now you know what I meant with that alluring title. I am not starting to doubt your understanding here, but I would like to explain each with a few examples –

Substitutions – Sometimes, we substitute a consonant sound with another from our regional language. A few examples – gut instead of good ( /t/ for /d/),people ( with the hard L ), money ( with the strong N) and many words that have the /s/ /z/ interchange – MuSic (for Muzic), LiZen ( for listen), proZEdure( for Procedure),perZon ( for Person), serviZes( for services) ExeGutive( for Executive)

Distortions – Sometimes the consonant sound is distorted and that changes the meaning of the word or can make you sound inaccurate. For example – AdminiSHter( for administer),proSHedure ( for procedure), deSHiSHions ( for decisions), Yelp ( for Help)

Omissions- Sometimes we omit sounds where they are required. For example, omitting the / h/ sound where required in words like how, home, however, had, home, half; omitting some sounds in the middle of the word in words like  / picture / which sounds like /pitcher/ etc.

Additions – A few errors are caused because we add an extra sound to words beginning with vowels. Example the sound /y / to words like earth and the sound / v/ to Only .Also sometimes a few of use tend to add a /H/ sound to words beginning with vowels,  like always, all, army, ask, achieve, advance, another, eighteen etc

There are other errors that we make with the /v/ and /w/ sounds which needs a seperate entry in the blog, so I will save it for another time.


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