Fillers – Don’t use them

FillersWe tend to use ‘filler’ words in our way of speech when we grope in our minds for a right word or when we run out of ideas or we generally don’t know what to say. Fillers are dis-fluencies that make our language less intelligent. Some examples of typical filler words are –

Basically, I am from Chennai.
The word basically is a filler in the current context. Displace basically and replace it with ‘Originally’, if you have to use it.

If you ask me my opinion, I mean, I have to tell you, I mean, I do not believe in life after death.

I hope you understood why in the above context ‘ I mean ‘ qualifies as a filler.

I hope you know, you know, that tomorrow is a holiday, you know, because of Diwali, you know.

( Alright, I probably over did the ‘ you know‘, you know, but now you know! )

Like, when you are tempted to, like, use a filler next time, remember, like, its not so cool to do that!


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