Tip – Why shorter is better?

Shorter is better


The best way to keep your sentences error free, is to speak shorter sentences. The longer the sentence, the more the errors. When you think in your first language and speak in English, the scope of errors increase. You tend to add a few extra words or speak in the continuous tense. By making your sentences shorter, these errrors can be avoided.


One thought on “Tip – Why shorter is better?

  1. Indianisms, as mentioned before in this topic, is primararily due to the presenting our thoughts accumulated in our mother tongue languages to english language. This results in a nearabout direct word to word translation from the native language to the english language.
    The best way to avoid the disaster of written and verbal humiliation is by reading and watching more English movies, especially the classic British movies and books. More detailed analysis shows that speaking or making an attempt to speak in a different way by staying a little consious of the effects of our native languages. This would be an uphill task for begginers, but regular practice would help in the rest of the term of their lives.

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